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Everyone at SALT would like to wish you a Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year! Before you leave for the end of the year celebrations, make sure to catch the latest news from us! As always, please visit the Dive Deeper library for new resources, the Seascape Map to look for traceability initiatives worldwide, and Story Hub for our blogs.

General Updates

SALT’s fourth year is wrapped, and what a year! What made this past year so successful was launching seafood Traceability Principles, and the interest and praise it generated. That work arose from the momentum of the previous three years, and also included field-based work completed by local partners in other countries, and original content developed to plug knowledge gaps in traceability implementation. Most notably, SALT was extended to a sixth year, which helps continue that momentum in relationship building. Overall, SALT's fourth year was the most impactful year to date.

SALT Regional Updates


We are excited to announce that we have completed the scoping phase in Tanzania and are seeking a local partner(s) to conduct field-based work on applying the Traceability Principles to octopus fisheries. Learn more about this opportunity, and please share with any potential candidates!

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)

SALT's recent traceability workshop brought together over 100 government and NGO stakeholders from the LAC region and fostered multi-stakeholder conversations on regional challenges and opportunities. Check out the recording of the panel discussion in English and Spanish! SALT also presented at an anniversary event for the Peruvian National Fisheries Health Organization (SANIPES). Thank you for inviting us, and Happy Anniversary!


The final update from one of SALT's small grantees, MDPI, is now available! Check out the link below to learn about their final multi-stakeholder learning event co-hosted by MDPI and the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, which includes the next steps for implementing STELINA, a centralized government system for traceability in Indonesia. 


MCD, SALT's small grantee in Vietnam, also wrapped up their work in November. MCD held a final consultative workshop for over 40 government, NGO, industry representatives.  They reviewed the traceability work on tuna vessels that participated in piloting an e-logbook, The feedback informs the development of the country's roadmap toward traceability.  Vietnam's immediate goal is to eliminate IUU fishing and lift the EU's yellow card. Stay tuned for their final update!


SALT Community Updates

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Please follow SALT's LinkedIn and Twitter to catch the latest additions to the Dive Deeper and the Seascape Map! We are glad to welcome U.S. Interagency Working Group on IUU Fishing, WildAid Marine, PROBLUE, Fish Safety Foundation, Secure Fisheries, The Consumer Goods Forum, Pacifical, SSF Hub, Pronatura Noroeste, Círculo de Políticas Ambientales, Causa Natura, and MarViva to the SALT Seascape of seafood traceability and counter-IUU fishing efforts. If you would like to see your organization featured, let us know! Also, we've added a great deal of new resources to Dive Deeper in the past months. Here are some of them:

Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin

The Pacific Community (SPC)

Fisheries Conflict

Secure Fisheries


Seas the Day!


Ask SALT and our community of experts any tricky traceability questions.


If you have read an article, paper, or report you think the community could learn from, please send it to us!

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