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SALT News Bonanza!

Welcome to our monthly newsletter, special edition! We churned out heaps of work these last few months. Plus, SALT is turning 5 in October! To stay updated, you can check our Dive Deeper library for resources, Seascape map for traceability initiatives around the world, Story Hub for blogs, and Get Involved for upcoming events.

Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Region Highlights

SALT is hosting a 3-hour workshop, Comprehensive Traceability to Combat Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing in Latin America and the Caribbean, on November 9th. This workshop aims to provide a stage for sharing LAC successes and challenges and identify regional opportunities and needs for traceability and counter-IUU fishing efforts for government stakeholders, NGOs, and industry representatives who work closely with governments. Simultaneous interpretations will be provided in English and Spanish. Please reach out to us at if you are interested in participating in this workshop!

SALT 's latest LAC webinar, Principios de trazabilidad de marisco: Aumentar cadenas de suministro sostenibles y transparentes en América Latina, was a huge success with more than 70 participants. It built off the momentum from presenting at the Environmental Defense Fund and Seafood and Fisheries Emerging Technologies’ webinar series, Dialogos de tecnología para pesquerías en América Latina, back in July. In case you missed it, here is the recording!

Last but not least, SALT is seeking a Spanish-speaking Project Manager. If you are passionate about working with a global community to support seafood traceability efforts— specifically in the LAC region—please apply

Wealth of New Website Content

We are celebrating our birthday by sharing tons of original content with our community! We hope you find these useful.

SALT Podcast: A Dash of SALT

SALT launched its podcast this month! Listen to our 1st episode to learn how the social aspect of fisheries can benefit from traceability.

Lessons from the Land: Scaling Traceability and Transparency in the Seafood Sector

What can the seafood sector learn from other globally traded commodities to achieve traceability and transparency from bait to plate? In this original blog, we explore similarities and lessons learned from other industries.

Seafood Import Regulation Guide (EU, Japan, and the U.S.)

This report provides a high-level summary of current import control regulations and legal requirements of the EU, Japan, and the U.S. Details of each regulation are summarized here.

COVID-19 Disruption: What Will Stick? Case Study of Seafood Traceability in Southeast Asia & the Pacific

How did the pandemic impact some seafood producing countries? This report explores disruptions in the seafood sector, strategies used to address these impacts, and the opportunities ahead for seafood traceability.

Interactive Tuna Supply Chain 

To help visualize the risks and best policies within a seafood supply chain, SALT created an interactive Tuna Supply Chain, highlighting risks, data and resources during six main stops in the supply chain from harvest to export.

We are glad to welcome Seatraces, Unggul Cipta Teknologi PT, KnowTheChain, Trygg Mat Tracking, Nordenfjeldske Development Services (NFDS), Hen Mpoano, International Labor Rights Forum (The Seafood Working Group), and The Migrant Workers Rights Networks (MWRN) to the SALT Seascape of seafood traceability and counter-IUU fishing efforts. If you would like to see your organization featured, let us knowAlso, we’ve added a great deal of new resources to Dive Deeper this past month. Here are some of them:

Get Involved

Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit 2021 (virtual)
  • October 11-13 
  • FishWise presenting
  • October 18-20 
  • SALT sponsoring event
  • October 31 - November 12

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