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SALT ’Site Roundup

Welcome to our monthly newsletter! In addition to the quarterly SALT Shaker, we will keep you informed on any additions to the SALT website, including newly added resources in the Dive Deeper library, traceability projects on the Seascape map, blogs in the Story Hub, and upcoming events on the Get Involved Calendar.

General Updates

SALT finished the first half of 2021 strong; we have presented the Traceability Principles at FAO Blue Fishing Ports Workshop to representatives from 21 countries and participated in The High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy together with the Roadmap for Improving Seafood Ethics (RISE). It was an exciting moment to see our workplace collaboration on the global stage!

Traceability initiatives are emerging worldwide, faster than ever. So we decided to translate the new Traceability Principles into a few different languages to make them accessible for those in seafood producing countries. We are excited to announce that it is now available in Spanish, Bahasa Indonesian, Vietnamese, and French!

Last but not least, we are adding more exciting content to our website this summer and seeking a WordPress developer and graphic designer. Also, FishWise is seeking a Traceability Division Project Manager to support the team and FishWise business partners with their efforts in traceability and counter-illegal, unreported, and unregulated seafood. Visit FishWise's website for more information, and please share with your network!

Q&A With the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI)

SALT's Advisory Committee member, Fishery Transparency Initiatives (FiTI), published the first-ever FiTI reports for the Seychelles and Mauritania. Learn more about their groundbreaking work on enhancing transparency in fisheries management in our Q&A series!

SALT Grantee Update: Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development

SALT's small grant recipient, MCD, has been conducting electronic traceability pilot projects to update Vietnam’s national guidelines and roadmap towards traceability. We are excited to share some updates from them! (also available in Vietnamese)
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Trace Register

We're glad to welcome WiseFish (Look! FishWise's distant cousin!) and Remora to the SALT Seascape of seafood traceability and counter-IUU fishing efforts. If you would like to see your organization featured, let us know!

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