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What's Shaking?

On May 5, FishWise released an enhanced Roadmap for Improving Seafood Ethics (RISE) to better support seafood companies on their social responsibility journey. For businesses just getting started or already taking bold steps to protect human and labor rights, RISE provides clear and practical steps to improve seafood labor practices. Visit the elegantly designed: to learn more. 

Speaking of human and labor rights, SALT’s social responsibility consultants–Judy Gearhart, Accountability Research Center at American University, and Rainer Braun, Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University– presented core considerations when monitoring  human rights in seafood supply chains. 

We are pleased to welcome Sven Biermann of the International Secretariat of the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI), based in the Seychelles to SALT's Advisory Committee! Stay tuned for a more in depth interview with him.

What's new on the website?

We’ve added some helpful resources to Dive Deeper :

Where in the world?

Travel is in the air, and the feel of in-person meetings is on the horizon. For now, we are still sitting tight for the smorgasbord of upcoming events:

Engaging diverse stakeholders in the Ocean Decade: the key role of national and regional stakeholder networks - May 18

INFOFISH TUNA 2021  May 19-21

Seafood2030 Virtual Sustainability Forum: Designing the Future of Sustainable Fisheries (*FishWise will be presenting during the session 'Breaking through on human rights and labor issues' panel*) May 19-20

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Did you catch this?

Seafood for thought

May 22nd is World Biodiversity Day! 

SALT's purpose is to encourage improvements in fisheries sustainability and marine biodiversity through enhanced traceability and transparency. Healthy coral reefs also contribute to healthy fish populations. Overfishing these habitats can damage the reefs and cause fish populations to decline, which can lead to an intensified fishing effort elsewhere. Some fish stocks may reach the brink of collapse from this increase, thus threatening food security and economic stability for the communities that depend on them. Traceability helps verify sustainability. It's all connected...

Seas the Day!

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