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Sustaining ocean ecosystems and the people who depend on them by transforming global seafood supply chains
Message from the CEO Tobias
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October 5th is FishWise Day, an honor proclaimed by former Santa Cruz Mayor David Terrazas in 2018. It also just so happens to be my birthday! Today, as FishWise celebrates 18 years of sustainable seafood impact, I recognize with gratitude all of our partners, collaborators, staff, funders, and supporters who have made our work possible over the past few decades.  

FishWise's roots are in environmental sustainability, but the challenges we face are so intertwined with social and economic well-being that finding solutions requires a holistic approach. Managing fish stocks alone is not enough to sustain seafood for generations to come. Empowering people, communities, and ensuring food security while protecting our ocean is how we will achieve seafood sustainability. 

As FishWise has shifted our approach, we are also exploring how we can evolve the language of sustainability. After all, what does sustainability mean and who is it really for? In exploring these questions, we updated our mission earlier this year to include social and environmental justice. The issues are complex, requiring us to work together in finding solutions. Whether you are a fisher, a company, or someone who simply enjoys seafood, I hope you will join the dedicated and growing community that is taking accountability for the people and the ocean resources we depend on. 

Tobias Aguirre
Seafood Shopper
This month, FishWise is joining members of the David & Lucile Packard Foundation's Communications Peer Learning Network to celebrate and raise awareness around the importance of environmentally and socially sustainable seafood. The United States is fortunate to have many responsible fisheries and farms, but we still import most of our seafood from around the world and, sadly, much of this seafood is not sourced responsibly. Join us in shifting National Seafood Month's focus from just seafood to seafood that is good for the ocean and the people who depend on it. Follow #SeafoodForGood on social media this month to learn more.

Listen to a Dash of SALT - the new podcast from the Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability, for short conversations with experts tracing seafood. The first episode, "How do human and labor rights fit into efforts that track our seafood? features Jen Cole, Senior Project Director at FishWise, who specializes in socially responsible seafood. 

For updates on promoting decent work for all workers in seafood, we also have a monthly Roadmap for Improving Seafood Ethics (RISE) newsletter
The Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT) is hiring! Are you passionate about working with a global community to support seafood traceability efforts, particularly in the Latin America region? If you speak Spanish, please apply for the SALT Project Manager position, and thank you for sharing with your network. 
Amy West, SALT Project Director
What movie has been an inspiration to your work? Since two FishWisers already called out the same book that inspires me, I would say the movie, My Octopus Teacher really resonated with me. It symbolizes the power of visuals for storytelling, in that they appealed to a wide audience, beyond just 'ocean people.' As a videographer, I'm inspired by the filmmaker's perseverance and forethought!

What is your favorite way to play in the ocean? Lately, it's been with a shining sun against the backdrop of Morro Rock and warm enough water to wear a light 3/2 wetsuit, to paddle out with three to five of my girlfriends to surf, laugh, and chat. Memorable social hours of the pandemic!

Community Splash
Developed by Conservation International and a coalition of experts, the Social Responsibility Assessment (SRA) operationalizes "The Monterey Framework" and provides an essential tool for conducting human rights due diligence in seafood. 
Inspirational Words
"Together and united, we are unstoppable." - Greta Thunberg 
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