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People and the planet are inextricably connected. Social justice is crucial to environmental protection and where the two converge is where we will find our solutions.

Like millions of people in the United States and around the world, we at FishWise were devastated by the murder of George Floyd, the latest in a long line of injustices against Black people. We have also been heartened and inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and countless acts of courage calling for both justice and systemic change that is long overdue.

At FishWise, social responsibility is at the core of what we do. We are working toward a seafood industry that:

  • Protects human rights, dignity, and access to resources
  • Ensures equality and equitable opportunity to benefit
  • Improves food and livelihood security
Our focus is often turned abroad, as seafood is the world’s most traded commodity and that is where much of the forced labor and modern slavery occurs. But, in this pursuit, we have not taken an organizational stand on the abuse and inequities that are present in our own community. Going forward, we pledge to do our part, to look inward and ask ourselves what more we can do to create safe, inclusive workplaces and collaborative spaces. We will implement a robust diversity, equity, and inclusion program within our organization, and we will support other organizations that fight for racial and social justice every day. We will use our voice to call out problems and point to solutions.

So, on this World Oceans Day, as we pursue our mission to transform global seafood supply chains to sustain the oceans and the people who depend on them, we also hold in our hearts and our actions all those who have suffered racial injustice.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months as we continue to learn and enact change. Thank you for your ongoing support and please don’t hesitate to reach out.

With hope,
Tobias Aguirre

Chief Executive Officer


Celebrating Shining Stars of Seafood Leadership on World Oceans Day 


World Oceans Day provides an opportunity for uniting ocean action around the world and celebrating Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean. Now, more than ever, it is essential to make sustainability wins, despite the many challenges the novel coronavirus poses. In celebration of Oceans Day, we are sharing two inspiring stories of corporate leadership from Iberostar Group and Walmart, Inc. Read more in today’s blog.


Supporting U.S. Fishers and Farmers


In response to a shift in seafood market supply caused by COVID-19, we have been working to support the seafood industry by promoting companies with seafood available for delivery or pick-up. We have been moved by the overwhelming response from many of our partners and businesses across the country.

Our team continues to try to assist businesses to overcome logistical challenges by connecting to new markets and finding resources to support their livelihoods during these challenging times. Interested in learning more? Message FishWise on any of our social media channels or follow #FishConnection to find local seafood near you.


Adopting Electronic Traceability


The Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT) team distilled lessons from existing pilots to help companies overcome common challenges they face when adopting electronic traceability. The first three blogs in their five-part series, “Overcoming Barriers: Solutions for Adopting Electronic Traceability,” address obstacles such as technology issues and costs. Learn more here.

Meet Jen Cole


What positive outcome do you hope to see come out of COVID-19?
It’s sobering to be living through the COVID-19 pandemic, but encouraging to see mainstream media sources increase their focus on the needs of workers. I’m hopeful that this will continue after the pandemic ends, and that we as a seafood

community will better support the workers we see when we go to the grocery store, as well as the workers in processing facilities and on vessels.

Moving forward, how can we shift our values to propel our efforts in the seafood sector?

I think it’s really important to bring an indigenous perspective to our efforts. I am Chamorro (traditional spelling CHamoru) and one of the core values is inafa’maolek, a concept that is often translated as "interdependence" or "mutualism." This cooperative and reciprocal way of working is seen by the Chamorro as an essential component of doing good for one another. It’s also a personal value I aspire to bring to my work in the global seafood community!


Fishing Communities Rally Together


Our team proudly joined seafood businesses, fishers, and advocates, representing three million people, asking for increased federal financial support for U.S. fishing communities as they face the many impacts of COVID-19. Read more.



Although seafood lovers might not be dining out as much as they used to, Americans can still do their part to support an industry that employs two million Americans. Our team is excited to be part of Seafood Nutrition Partnership's campaign to support U.S. fishers and farmers while enjoying healthy and local sustainable seafood. Learn more here

FishWise Welcomes Adzan and Nina


Our team is thrilled to have had Adzan Adlan (pronounced Ah-zahn Ad-lin) join our Data & Technology Team in March! Data fuels all of our work at FishWise, which is why Adzan’s passion for data systems and analytics is an enormous asset for our organization. Learn more about Adzan and his role at FishWise here

Earlier this month, we also welcomed Nina Rosen to FishWise and SALT as Project Manager. Nina brings significant value to our team with her passion for sustainable seafood and experience in connecting fishing communities and stakeholders. Read more about Nina’s background here.


It's Not Too Late: Your Input Needed!


Our team wants to hear from you on how to best support the industry to improve human and labor rights in seafood supply chains.  Please take this short survey to share your insights on the Roadmap for Improving Seafood Ethics before June 17.

Visit the RISE website.

Support FishWise


COVID-19 and its global health impacts and economic repercussions and, now, the worldwide actions to end social injustices are challenging us to come together to find ways to connect, learn, and support one another during these unprecedented times. Every act of kindness makes a difference and, by working together to increase our impact, we all have the power to enact the change we wish to see in the world. For those who are able to make a contribution, we invite you to be part of a wave of philanthropic generosity in celebration of this World Oceans Day. Giving to FishWise helps to fuel our work in transforming the global seafood supply chains to sustain oceans and the people who depend on them.

Thank you for your consideration. 


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