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"A rising tide lifts all boats," is a John F. Kennedy quote that has inspired me lately. At FishWise, we take a collaborative approach to creating and implementing innovative solutions to complicated issues in seafood. I am proud of the work my team is accomplishing and much of our success is due to our fruitful engagement with our business and NGO partners. It is my hope that these stories will help to lift others in this community and advance leadership in sustainable seafood. 

Tobias Aguirre

Chief Executive Officer


SALT Learning Hub for Traceability Launches 

Fish in Hand

The Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT) invites organizations around the world to visit its new website aimed to improve seafood supply chains. This portal, implemented by FishWise, offers a space for sharing knowledge, driving innovation, and guiding best practices in seafood traceability. SALT is a global alliance, arising at a time when collaboration is critical to expanding the potential of traceability. We invite you to visit the platform to explore worldwide traceability, counter-IUU, and social responsibility initiatives on the Seascape map, or to Dive Deeper into SALT-curated resources. SALT is a public-private partnership between USAID and the Walton Family, Packard, and Moore Foundations and is implemented by FishWise. #TraceableTogether


National Seafood Month 

October is National Seafood Month and the team at FishWise is looking forward to diving deeper into the month–celebrating seafood that is sustainable, traceable, and socially responsible. Honor the month with us by following #BeFishWise and tagging us in our your responsible seafood efforts! 



Partner Spotlight 


Hy-Vee continues to demonstrate industry leadership with its expanded tuna policy that includes best practices for at-sea transshipment. Through their due diligence practices, Hy-Vee is also working to improve traceability and combat risks of illegal and unethical fishing practices. To learn more about their progress, visit our latest blog.


SIMP Feedback Project Update

Fish on a Plate

FishWise has solicited feedback on the Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP) from seafood businesses since launching the project. Preliminary data analysis is underway, along with plans to collect additional feedback from South American exporters at the Seafood Lima expo this November. 


Calling for 100% Observer Coverage

Fishing Vessel Monitoring

FishWise joins forces with 12 leading environmental NGOs to call on the five RFMOs that regulate tuna fishing in the Indian, Pacific, Atlantic, and Southern Oceans to require 100% observer coverage - human and/or electronic - on all industrial tuna fishing vessels. Join us in asking for 100% observer coverage. 


Welcome to FishWise

FishWise is thrilled to welcome three professionals to our team! Read more about our new team members on our website. 

Garrett Okrasinski

Project Manager

Kate O'Rourke

Operations Specialist


Lana Brandt

Communications Manager

FishWise is Hiring!

FishWise is currently seeking a new Social Responsibility Division Director to lead an exciting, diverse scope of work, and drive a multi-pronged approach to advancing human and labor rights in the seafood supply chains. Experience in corporate social responsibility and multi-stakeholder collaboration is a plus. More details on our website.


In Other News...

Read this interview featuring Project Director Erin Taylor and Sands ECO360 regarding the latest FishWise partnership with the Venetian Resort Las Vegas.


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Lana Brandt

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