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Here at FishWise, we started the year by bringing our entire staff together for strategic planning. We are energized by how our work is evolving and fitting together in new ways. In 2020, I look forward to working with our partners and colleagues to take an integrated approach to seafood that supports our oceans and the lives and livelihoods connected to them. 

Tobias Aguirre, 

Chief Executive Officer


FishWise Casts a Wider Net for Seafood Ethics


FishWise is pleased to announce a $934,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation to advance our work against labor abuses and modern-day slavery in seafood. For several years, our organization has played a leading role in bringing labor, human rights, and environmental organizations together to build understanding and alignment. With this new funding, the Walmart Foundation is supporting FishWise to further develop and refine the RISE platform, grow sector-wide engagement through this valuable tool, and build alignment with other international initiatives. Read more.

FishWise Welcomes Lori Bishop to the Leadership Team

We are thrilled to welcome Lori Bishop to lead FishWise's Social Responsibility Division. Tobias Aguirre, CEO of FishWise stated, “Hiring Lori demonstrates our deepening commitment to improve human rights issues in seafood." Lori’s career draws from more than 15 years of experience leading innovative social change initiatives, including broad and deep expertise on issues of forced labor in global supply chains. Learn more about Lori's background here.   


Tracking Mahi Mahi Down the Supply Chain

Seafood traceability and sustainability require collaboration across supply chains. Our team recently visited Peru to learn more about the world's primary source of mahi mahi and how it takes a village to track a fish's journey across the globe. 

Read more about one fishery's efforts to meet increasing demands for traceability and sustainability assurances.


Traceability Takeaways from Small-Scale Fisheries

A few FishWise staff visited South Africa for the Information and Communication Technology Solutions for Fisheries (ICT4Fisheries) Conference to learn more about how technology can advance sustainability and traceability in small-scale fisheries. Our team worked with Future of Fish to share their top traceability takeaways from this journey in one of our latest blogs.


Giving a Voice to Human Rights in Seafood


In 2019, FishWise partnered with Vulcan Productions to bring their newly released film Ghost Fleet, which exposes ethical issues linked to some of the seafood we love the most, to the seafood industry. Don't miss your chance to watch #GhostFleetFilm, the story of the heroes working to end human rights abuses. Watch Ghost Fleet here.


FishWise and SALT are Hiring

FishWise is hiring a Project Manager for our Traceability Division and SALT. We are seeking candidates who are passionate about discovering innovative traceability solutions in seafood supply chains. This is an opportunity to enjoy a diverse scope of work across FishWise and the SALT project. More details on our website.


Meet FishWise


Elsie Tanadjaja, Data Division Director

If you could be any ocean creature, what would you be and why?

 I would be an octopus so I can change color and shape and surprise other animals - with a nice surprise, of course, dark chocolate anyone?!

What is an ocean-inspired quote to help motivate our work in 2020?

"Every drop in the ocean counts." - Yoko Ono


Support FishWise

Envision a world with abundant fish in our oceans and rivers, where no one is enslaved or works under difficult conditions to bring seafood to market, and all who depend on seafood for sustenance have enough to eat. This is FishWise's vision. We invite you to be a part of taking us all closer to making this vision a reality. 


Thank you for continuing to follow FishWise's latest work. On behalf of our team, we wish you much conservation success in the year ahead. If you have any feedback on our newsletter, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Lana Brandt

Communications Manager


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